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Weekly Boxes/CSA

Our weekly boxes are similar to a farm-based CSA with a few distinct advantages. 

  • Available year-round, not just in the summer. 

  • While the contents of our weekly boxes are primarily sourced from Gallatin, Park, and Madison county producers, we are also able to source food from our network of over 75 Montana producers - providing diversity and dependability.

  • Available by the week, the month, and the season - more flexibility for those with less predictable schedules.

  • Additional food always available! Have guests coming? Need to stock up on meat or cheese? Just place an order through the online market and your additional items will be delivered along with your weekly box.

NOTE: Weekly Boxes are updated every Wednesday, and posted by Wednesday evening (or sometimes Thursday morning). If you don't see the weekly option listed, we're still choosing the contents, so check back soon!

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